Monday, February 2, 2015

I Stand with Green Bay.

Is it just me, or do any other Sconnies out there feel at least a little guilty for not being disappointed in the outcome of last night's game? Did anyone else realize they were actually cheering for the dreaded Patriots (which also means cough, Tom Brady, cough) when the Seahawks gained possession of the ball with just over two minutes to go in the 4th quarter?

I saw it all happen again, as if in slow motion:  Wilson launches a beautifully executed pass down the field and the Seahawks steal a victory from the Packers...err, the Patriots. It almost felt as if I was watching the NFC Championship game all over again when last night's game hit the two-minute warning. I could barely keep my eyes open and watch the Seahawks make their way down the field, even when Jermaine Kearse made the catch of his career.

I wanted to cheer for my fellow Badger alum, I really did. I even convinced myself that I was for most of the game. But then, when Wilson was picked off within mere inches of scoring that final touchdown, I felt a sense of relief. Sweet, sweet vindication. Sorry Wilson, my Badger pride runs deep, and you even seem like a great guy. But you stole my Packers' chance at the Super Bowl, and I'm not quite ready to forgive you for that just yet.

So anyway, it wasn't until the final minute of the game that I realized I was cheering for Tom Brady all along. That mere fact still stings a little, but cheering for either team made me feel like a traitor. When the time ran out and the Seahawks showed their true colors, I had no regrets, and hope that Packer fans everywhere slept soundly last night, and woke up this morning with smiles on their faces.

Can't wait til next year.