Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Hello's and Sad Goodbye's

Looking back at this week my emotions resemble a roller-coaster at Disneyland. On Wednesday I brought home a car! That certainly was a lot of excitement for this girl. It's definitely something I've wanted to do for a while, but never thought I was "grown up" enough to do it, or that I'd be able to find the right one without dad's approval (that's most important, you know). As I mentioned in my last post I'm attempting to play more of the part of a wife, mother and simply a grown-up, so this was definitely a step in that direction. The Taurus has certainly given me a great ride and many wonderful memories but I think she's finally coming to the end of her legacy and it's time to move on. Hunting around for quotes on car insurance was time consuming, but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to learn from it. Also, I certainly did not expect walking off the lot with literally my dream car. I've drooled over the Nissan Altimas ever since the 10th grade when Cory Meyer pulled up in the high school parking lot in a nice, shiny black one. "Man," I thought, "What a car! Maybe someday I'll have a car like that, but probably not." After test driving a few others and doing some research, the Altima was definitely the best investment I could've made and I have no doubt she'll be with me for a long time! I think her name is going to be Lady, but I'm open to other suggestions, if you have any.

The 7 things I love most about having a new car:
  1. Such a smooth ride! You can hardly tell there are train tracks everywhere, bumps, etc. And it's quiet.
  2. No
  3. Leg room!! I'm often concerned about the others in my vehicle when I'm driving, and since I'm toting around adults most of the time I want to make sure they're comfortable. (And it will probably be great for kids too, let's be real.)
  4. No more consulting mom and dad if I can drive their car somewhere. Kelsey Marie Kaufman is the only name on this title and loan, baby.
  5. Aside from school loans, this is my first big investment! I'm slowly but surely entering what some may call "the real world." 
  6. She'll have NORTH DAKOTA license plates! That was one of the first things I noticed when I got here and every chance I get I tell someone how much I love those darn tootin' plates. I guess now I've got a car licensed and titled in ND. 
 On a much sadder note, and in fact, I would've liked to dedicate separate posts to each of these events, my dog, Rosco, was put down yesterday after suffering with a liver problem for quite a while now. Boy he sure was a trooper right up until the end and I wish I could've been there with mom, dad and Kevin.

If you'd entreat me, let me tell you just a little bit about how Rosco became a part of the Kaufman family. I had always been obsessed with dogs, as most young girls are I imagine. My aunt Colleen gave me a beautiful informational book filled with professional pictures of all sorts of dogs when I was in middle school. Before she gave it to me I used to always steal it and just page through it, looking at all the different puppies, especially keeping a close eye on the basset hounds because for some reason I thought they were just the cutest. I begged and whined and hoped to have a puppy someday but mom was adamant about not letting a dog mess up the house and dad didn't like the idea of house dogs because he always had dogs running around on the farm growing up.

One summer day mom goes with a friend, Terri, because Terri wanted a puppy for her family and she saw an ad for the sweetest little Yorkie-poos you could ever imagine. I remember being in the basement with Janae (Terri's daughter and a friend of mine) when I hear the screen door open, mom call for us and before you know it we're upstairs and what do we see--not one but two Yorkie-poos scampering around the garage. My heart sinks as I'm thinking that Janae now has two brand new, fluffy, loveable, adorable new puppies, and we still have none. And I will probably never have one. And I'm sad. And then mom tells me one's for me. And the next 10 years are a blur.

I've loved having a puppy, even though he got older he's always been a puppy to me. "My little baby!" I usually exclaim when he comes around nipping at my fingers, begging for attention. That little stinker sure did have it good living in our household. He got oodles of (unsalted and pre-buttered) popcorn from mom whenever she'd make it on the stove. He'd run to the scene whenever someone rustled a bag of chips, knowing that he'd probably get a couple of crunchy treats out of it. And the personal favorite, he shared ice cream cones with dad. Oh boy, if that wasn't quite the sight. Now if I'm my father's daughter I know dad genuinely enjoys ice cream, but I'm pretty convinced he only ate ice cream cones because he knew he'd have Rosco's undivided attention for at least 20 minutes, and then he could usually smother him and keep him for 5-10 more until Rosco finally wiggled his way out of dad's grasp and trotted back over to mom's chair. What a little stinker.

I must admit, although not the brightest dog on the block, he could hold his own for tricks. He sat, rolled over like a pro, could shake, give me a high-five and a high-ten and of course he had a way to always cheer one of us up when we were sad. Dogs can sense that stuff, man, and Rosco could sense me just right. My favorite is when I'd already have left to go back to school or come back to Fargo and Rosco would wander into my room and wait outside my door in the morning, even though I wasn't there to snuggle with. In case you don't know how adorable this dog is, here are a few pictures that I could find of Rosco and I through the years:
He's the only one who gives me sloppy kisses..

He usually helped with my homework...or just distracted me.
Rosco and Emily in 2008.
Family Christmas 2009. Rosco is famous for always sneaking in the pictures. Every year, and uninvited. What a ham.
Rosco could probably win the title as "most photographed dog" and these are only a few. It will be weird going home next time and not hearing the bark and waiting for "my little baby" to run to the door and greet me. Something he did that always broke my heart, time and time again, was start to get upset when he saw suitcases come out. He always knew that those meant someone is leaving and as soon as Kelsey starts packing up her room, she'll be gone, too. He'd shun me a little bit, act kind of funny, but then the day before I'd leave he was always a big (as in 9 pound...) teddy bear and he wouldn't leave my side. The day before I left for Fargo I got to spend all day, uninterrupted with him, and I am so glad. It was hard knowing I'd never see him again, but that little pup has brought many blessings to our family and certainly taught all of us how to love in a whole different way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What an awesome day.

Nothin' like a study of the CCC at Detroit Lakes.
Today, September 10th 2012, (a.k.a. 9-10), will be remembered as an incredible day for this young lady. It started out with Holy Hour, followed by coffee time with the one, the only, FRC (a.k.a. Fr. James Warren Cheney for those who are not yet acquainted), team development.. yadda yadda...a solid one-on-one with Bryan , mentorship with Kristen Vetter, (a disciple from last year who is now in Duluth as a FOCUS missionary and loving it), mentorship with my actual mentor, cookie baking, tator tot casserole making and serving dinner to the whole team, including padre.

After dinner I high-tail it over to the union only 5 minutes before bible study starts, nervous that I'm the last one to arrive. I walk into the couched area, look around, and see no one. Expecting 12 girls to show up I begin to get a little nervous, but start arranging some chairs to make a circle in my usual area. Within seconds I see Amanda and Nicole walking towards me and breathe in a deep sigh of relief. Soon after Kathryn shows up (and with an incredibly cute new haircut--she just donated 12 inches of long, luscious and thick hair to Locks of Love!), then Kayla, and Josie (who informed me she would be bringing a friend, Erica, and cookies), Sarah and Danie. I start us off with my "Grace of the Day," when Calli shows up, a young woman I met and totally fell in love with (in a very platonic way, of course, don't worry.) at the Delta Tau Delta formal in April.

Things are looking up.

I don't know how much is showing on the outside, but on the inside I am beaming like a fluorescent light bulb and have a cheesy grin smiling from ear to ear. What has just happened is basically every bible study leader's dream come true. Thank you, Jesus.

Melissa, Tatiana, Danielle at D.L I'm thinkin' magazine cover?
What I love most about leading studies is that whenever the conversation flows really well and multiple people respond to questions and Jesus' name is being dropped left and right, the time seriously seems to stand still and the Lord multiplies it for us. After what felt like the entire hour I side-glanced at the clock on the wall to my right and saw it had only been 45 minutes. Fifteen minutes is a lot more time! At this point, I'm super stoked. That's when the conversation gets real good. We start talking about having uncomfortable conversations (ie; confronting people about issues and uncomfortable topics, using Jesus' name in public, as opposed to simply saying "God," fundraising your salary...wink...etc) and what it really means to boldly proclaim Christ's name. Ouch! That's a good conversation right there. It isn't long before I look at my watch and see there are only a few minutes left on the clock and know we still have to take prayer requests, final remarks and say a closing prayer.

After praying us out and sending everybody on their merry way I literally feel like I'm walking on clouds. Yes, literally. I had to look down and see if my two feet were still firmly planted. I know that the Mass is Heaven on earth; this is true and Jesus reveals himself to me in the Eucharist a little bit more each day. [He finds fun ways to flirt with me and tease me, mostly tease. For some reason people have just always teased me, and I guess Jesus is no exception. Luckily I enjoy it.] But after today, the joy building up within me has got to be a little foretaste of what's to come after this life. Because even though I'm exhausted, I don't remember feeling this much joy since my very first bible study at NDSU last fall.

 I know I've blabbed a bit about taking personal time and making it more of a priority this year. Well today was the best Kelsey PRN time ever. Yes ever, and yes the medical abbreviation for "as needed," ask Tim or Jenne. Spending two and a half hours cooking a full meal for the team and for Fr. Cheney has got to become more regular for me. I don't care if the kitchen is smaller than my twin bed, those two hours were so well-spent it's not even funny.

Bryan, Josie, Britni, Zoe, and Sam.
This year what I desire more than just learning how to take personal time or lead bible studies and discipleships and watch college students grow in their faith, is to actually continue to seek personal growth and transformation. At the end of the year last year my spiritual director suggested that I pray for this year to be a "clarifying year" in terms of my vocation in this life. [Uh-oh, caveat: Kelsey's about to get real personal. Watch out, I'm even a little nervous myself.] For the longest time I've desired to just enter a convent somewhere and be married to Jesus for the rest of my life. Sounds like quite the American dream, doesn't it? (Sorry, that's unfunny sarcasm, but blogging this late at night makes all the crazies come out, and it's one of those things that actually is a dream for me...and many other young, devout Catholics that I know.) If you think I'm just saying words, I'm not:  I've visited multiple convents, attended discernment retreats, read books, talked with many sisters from different orders, fasted from dating (although it wasn't as much chosen as it was expected of me as a first year FOCUS missionary) and prayed much about this, and often in hopeful wishing for a call to the religious life.

Now Kelsey, why would anybody want to be called to the religious life?! That's preposterous! All you do is give everything away, wear a funny outfit and pray. What good is that? Well, in my defense I had hardly any experience with what it's like to actually live out the vocation of holy matrimony. Children crying at 2 am, making meals for six rather than one, taking kids to soccer practice, having things come up for your family at inconvenient times for me, but doing them because I love them, running around like get the point. And in all reality, the majority of all of y'all reading this are probably moms or wives anyway, so you know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, you're probably thinking, "Oh that Kelsey, she has absolutely no idea," and you're absolutely right. I don't. But this is my blog, not yours. What I'm trying to say is that I have very little experience in doing normal household, motherly/wife-like tasks, and that in and of itself lends me to fear the vocation of marriage rather than embrace it. But if all I know about a convent is that the nuns wear beautiful habits, live in community and pray often, well shoot, that sounds great to me! I'm trying to detach myself from everything I own anyways, that would certainly be the easiest way to do that! And the best part: no more worrying about the mysterious who I'm going to marry! Sounds great to me, I'll take it!

(And then I get what a friend of mine calls a "Jesus slap.")

After much praying and careful discerning, this year I will be heavily pursuing the vocation of marriage, but not necessarily in a dating fashion (a.k.a. no, I will not ask any guys to go on dates with me). In my own, personal way I will prepare myself for what it is like to be a wife and a mother some day. I deeply desire humility so I can learn how to selflessly love another, seeking nothing in return. It's really hard work! And I'm coming to realize that we all think we are much better at it than we indeed are.  

Serving the Tator Tot Casserole! Fresh outta the oven.
Selfless love isn't the kind of thing you put down on a résumé or brag to your friends about how good you are at it. Selfless love is the kind of thing that as soon as we say, "Oh, yeah, I do this, that and the other thing for my husband every day, I'm definitely a selfless lover," we have to stop ourselves. Why do we actually do all those things? Is it because I am head-over-heels in l-o-v-e and just can't wait to delight in him and show my affection for him? Or is it so I can hold something as collateral later, when he asks me to do something. "Well, honey, I would do that, but I spent all night making you that nice dinner and shining your shoes, remember?"

BAM.The selfless love kicks in right there. 

RIGHT when you're confronted with a task that you don't want to do. That you think you deserve not to do. None of us deserve salvation (Rom. 3:23), but our God is the Father of Mercy and sent his son Jesus to die for each of us so that we might obtain it. In fact, He really hopes we do.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (Jn 3:16-17)
Therefore, we ought to learn from Christ himself what selfless love really looks like. I am certainly no pro. Just take a gander at a crucifix. Making dinner for the team tonight was such a delight and brought so much joy to my heart, and they all thanked me for it and "Oh Kelsey, this is great, thank you so much!" and "Oh, you really shouldn't have!" when I realized, but wait, I did this for my personal time, I wasn't even doing this specifically for you. I feel kind of like a jerk sharing that, but it's true! Sure, to some I was slaving in a tiny roasting-oven-kitchen for over two hours, but to me I was fully enjoying the gifts the Lord has given me and spending that time I needed to love myself so that I can better love others. And to bring it even more full-circle, I'm hoping that all of these little experiences--cooking dinner for the team, making brownies for a wine and cheese night, hosting bible studies--all of these will not only be a gift to those I am serving, but a lesson for me in selfless service as a devoted wife and mother (...some day....way in the future...).

What a long rant for what was supposed to be such a "quick little post." I'll wrap her up there and call it quits. Thanks for listening. Love you all.

Also, here's a picture Cari took on Saturday that might make you giggle (apparently I need to work on the whole "trust" issue):

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soaking up the last bits of Summer in ND...

This week the temperature started to slide downward and my morning runs have become slightly more enjoyable with a crisp, 50 degree temperature. The weather is an example of my perfect fall. I can wear a sweatshirt in the morning, and a t-shirt in the afternoon without getting too warm or cold. I wouldn't mind if it was like this year-round. But snap me back to reality and I'm just praying it lasts a month!

Looking back at my past week I am amazed that this is honestly the life of Kelsey Kaufman. Meeting up with disciples, meeting new students, hosting a few bible studies (one in my apartment which was SUCH a treat!), being surrounded by tons of students at the Newman Center's daily masses, swapping evangelization stories with the team and hearing all of their exciting news, and to top it off, a barn dance on Friday night and a day of fun in Detroit Lakes with some of our students with nothing on the agenda, except for hanging out and the famous Zorbaz pizza of course. Much to our surprise, when we arrived at Zorbaz there just so happened to be live music for the afternoon! Bruce and Tiki D they called themselves, and boy could they entertain. It didn't take long for us to start dancing it up, seeing as almost the entire group enjoys a good swing or line dance. And let me tell you, when you're hungrily waiting for delicious pizza, dancing is one of the best ways to preoccupy yourself! It seemed like we hadn't even been waiting five minutes and our five large pizzas were up and on our tables. Yum.

We stayed and danced, even starting a conga line, well after we were finished eating and I think it was just the break everyone needed, including myself. What a great day. Here are some pictures from our first team camping trip, our trip out west last weekend and a few from DL yesterday. Let's just remind ourselves how blessed we are.

Click on the picture below to view the album. I think you have to have a google account to view the pictures. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maybe I'm working with the wrong age group?

Today was a great day. After writing the first post I did some "scrappin'" and went for a run before going to mass at 5:20 at Holy Spirit Church. It was really the only daily mass in the area so we were just going to that one because, well, we had no other option for mass today. I arrive early so I can spend some quality time with Jesus before mass starts, and decide to sit up near the front. Oftentimes in Holy Spirit I sit near the middle to the back on the left-hand side. Not today. Today I'm feeling a little more spontaneous so I plop myself down on the right side towards the front. Daily mass at Holy Spirit hasn't been all too packed in my experiences, so I figure people will just each sit in their own row, at least two rows apart, as is common in such a large and spacious church.

It really isn't long at all, maybe five minutes, before the first family shows up and sits directly in the row in front of me, with a total of maybe five people scattered throughout the rest of the church, which is large and spacious, if I haven't mentioned that yet. "Okay," I think to myself, "this is probably their usual spot and I sat right in the middle of it. Darn, I hope they don't mind me being here." After that and until mass starts people keep coming in at a steady rate, and a woman even sets up a microphone over by the piano and it appears we will have music at tonight's mass. "Sweet!" I excitedly think, "maybe there's a special mass because it's labor day, even though that's not a church holiday so it seems a little strange. Maybe it's for St. Gregory the Great's Feast Day?"

More people keep coming in, and many sit up near the front on the right-hand side (where I'm at, remember), some more sitting directly in front of and behind me, I'm beginning to feel surrounded. Just then, a kindly looking woman (who I will come to find out has an incredible singing voice) comes and sits in my pew, not even two feet from me. My eyes and my heart keep flitting to and from my breviary where I'm trying to meditate on the Psalms, but I'm just so surprised yet distracted with everything happening around me. I take a deep breath after said woman kneels down to pray, say a quick "thank you, Jesus" prayer, and the next thing I see is an older guy and his wife coming from the other side of church, in my pew yet again. He crosses the center aisle, gives me a confused look and sits down right next to me. When I came in the pew I originally left enough room for Cari and Mikayla were they to come and sit next to me, so it was the perfect amount of space for two people. Hence, there was no reason for me to scoot away from this jolly man, because I am surrounded anyway. The best part is that when I saw this fellow walking towards me he was smiling and greeting the people behind and in front of me, and out of the corner of my left eye I see Cari's white T-shirt directly headed to sit right next to me. And would you believe it that she was blocked by a much more eager Len Didier (we would come to meet him later). I smile to myself and wait until after mass to share a good chuckle with Cari.

Fr. Didier's Grave in Alexandria
Speaking of "afterwards," a free dinner is announced in the social hall directly following mass, and I for one love church gatherings, especially in parishes with people of all ages, such as this one. The Labor Day service at Holy Spirit Church for the past several years has become an annual memorial mass in honor of Fr. Darin Didier (click on his name for a website set up in his honor, with stories of miracles and a short bio), a priest ordained in 2005 in the Fargo Diocese, served at the parish for only 77 days and died as a result of an extremely rare form of cancer. Msgr. Wald gave the homily including bits and pieces from his life and it sounds to me like Fr. Darin was, and still is, an incredible individual deeply committed to the mission of the Church, which is to evangelize. His grave is in Alexandria, MN and hundreds of people visit it each year seeking prayers for miracles, and many miracles have actually been granted through Fr. Darin's intercession. Cari and I found this out after mass when, as we were leaving, the jolly man who sat next to me during mass stopped us and asked which part of Wisconsin I'm from (because I just so happened to be sporting a Wisco tee). We come to find out that this is Len Didier, Fr. Darin's father, and as he told us stories about his son and some of the miracles and healings people experience through his intercession his eyes welled with tears and he portrayed a father who delights in his son. Cari and I had goosebumps the entire time and truly hope to take a trip to Alexandria this year to visit the grave and have supper with the Didiers--apparently we're invited anytime! 

Before stopping to talk to him, we were sitting with Doris (with an extremely long last name we can't seem to remember...), her husband and two other elderly gents. We chat it up with them while enjoying a delicious meal and before getting up to leave Mrs. Doris (the cute lady at Holy Spirit with the hair piled on top of her head, she told us that's how we should remember her) tells us how tickled they'd be if we came and sang in the 11:00 Sunday choir with them. "I dare you," she smirks at us. "I double dog dare you." Flattered, Cari and I both giggle, clearly thinking the same thing: I love her. After a few closing interactions, as she turns to leave she invites us to her house, anyyyytime! She smiles, "I dare you to come, I double dog dare you."

Our last interaction with people our grandparents' age was tonight on the way to a bonfire at the Breen's house. Cari and I both have a soft spot for fun music that's easily dance-to-able, even if not always the most appropriate. A song came on with the catchiest of catchy beats and as we pull up to a stoplight there is nothing keeping us from boogieing down and gettin' our groove on. That is, until we look over at the car next to us, which happens to be a nice elderly couple watching us with blank expressions. No smiles. No angry, "those young hooligans" faces. Nothin. Just a lot of discomfort and many laughs on our end. I think they love us, but just cannot gauge whether we are completely crazy and they should call the police on us or not. (They didn't call, in case you were wondering.)

So it was a great day for spending quality time with some older folks, hopefully tomorrow my meetings with students younger than me go just as smoothly! Perhaps we'll bust out a little Rhianna if things get too dry, wink.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Student Org Fair: We're over on the right!
The first two weeks of classes at NDSU have certainly made apparent just how blessed I am to be serving these students again this year. At the closing of every single day last week I had the thought, "Man, I should definitely write about today in my blog!" But sadly the exhaustion got to me and the only thing I mustered up enough energy for at the end of the day was haphazardly brushing my teeth, thanking God for the countless blessings of the day, and then waking up to meet Josie for a run and starting a new day all over again. Needless to say, I'm not complaining, life is an absolute peach.

The week pretty much looked like this: discipleships and one-on-ones up the wazoo, a packed Tuesday night 9 pm Mass followed by an ice cream social, bible studies on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, the student organization fair all day on Wednesday, Chi Alpha (a large group weekly Christian outreach event with praise and worship, fellowship, and a speaker) after study on Thursday night and then on Friday afternoon the five of us teammates packed up Bryan's Chevy and headed West.

So. Much. Fun. And I didn't even include some of the best parts! Did I mention the 12-mile solitary bike ride on Wednesday evening on country roads? Or baking cookies and hanging out all day with Zoe? Or spending tons of quality time with Cari and Mikayla and cooking for the first time in our new place? I love my job, yes I do.

Here are some highlights

Tuesday Night Mass
Nearly 100 students showed up for mass at 9 pm on Tuesday night! There just so happened to be an ice cream social with root beer floats after, so whether they came for mass or ice cream, they were there regardless, and it was pretty awesome to see a daily mass more full than the 11 am Sunday Mass! (Although I wouldn't mind if that one filled up a little more either...) 

Root beer floats. Yum.
Wednesday Student Org Fair
TJ evangelizing, Cari & Bryan looking cool at our sweet booth.
Rockin' our bC tees for the first bisonCatholic T-day!
There was an expected high of 97 degrees and all of the organizations on campus had their booths outside at the east patio of the union, a mostly unshaded area right in the direct sunlight, from 11-3 pm. Luckily we just happened to have tons of extra freezies from our escapades with surveys the week before, so in a last minute decision we decided to bring the leftovers with us and see if it would bring any more people to the FOCUS booth. Let's just say it was a huge hit. People were coming in droves looking for the freezies and then telling their friends to come get some from the bisonCatholics. When we had the cardboard boat race at the end of NST this year we won a free scholarship to give to a student for this year's conference in Orlando, FL so we also had a raffle at our booth for  "Free trip to Orlando!" At the end of the day we drew a few names and the first guy's name that we pulled, Trevor, wants to come and he's not even Catholic! God is good, and I am so excited for what He's up to this year. Also, people just love these bisonCatholic tees! Brooke, a freshman, came to the booth the end of the day when Cari and I were feeling like it's time to just pack up and leave--we were exhausted and there were hardly any students around anyway. She just casually started chatting with us and started raving about these "cool bisonCatholic t-shirts I'm seeing everywhere! I'm not even Catholic, but I will definitely wear this!" Sounds great, Brooke. Wanna join my bible study? Yes? Okay, sounds good it's tomorrow night at 7:30! Needless to say, I'll agree with myself in my last post, people are thirsting for Jesus, whether they realize it or not.

After the fair I scooted off to discipleship with Miss Josie Breen which consisted of a great conversation over lunch at Erbert and Gerbert's. Both of us hadn't eaten all day and one of us had been outside in the sun since 11 am which meant we were darn hungry. So off we went, back to Mass we came and then I spent some quality Kelsey time going for a bike ride and coming back just in time for bible study at 8. Being the first week, Steph was the only girl who showed up, but it ended up being a total blessing in disguise. We had one of the best conversations about praying for peace, not only for ourselves but others as well, and we both left with a reinvigorated energy, even after a long day for each of us.

Thursday with Zoe
Ghiradelli brownie cookies. YUM!
On Thursday I was excited because the only thing on my planner aside from prayer, mass and bible study was discipleship with Zoe. It turned into going to Mass together at noon, hanging out at Atomic Coffee and chatting for over an hour, and then coming back to bake cookies (...and fold Kelsey's laundry...). We captured the essence of discipleship, which simply means to share life with another person. On her way out, Zoe turned to me and said, "I've never opened up like this or spent such quality time with anybody before! My roommates are great, but I just don't have as much in common with them as I do with you...and we're both single, so that helps." Well praise the good Lord above! This is exactly what discipleship is, it doesn't have to always be the same exact thing every week. If you're gauging that the other person just needs to talk, or you need to bake cookies for bible study, why not have them share that with you? It's real life discipleship!

That's all for now, I'll post about our trip out west as soon as I have a few photos to share!