Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soaking up the last bits of Summer in ND...

This week the temperature started to slide downward and my morning runs have become slightly more enjoyable with a crisp, 50 degree temperature. The weather is an example of my perfect fall. I can wear a sweatshirt in the morning, and a t-shirt in the afternoon without getting too warm or cold. I wouldn't mind if it was like this year-round. But snap me back to reality and I'm just praying it lasts a month!

Looking back at my past week I am amazed that this is honestly the life of Kelsey Kaufman. Meeting up with disciples, meeting new students, hosting a few bible studies (one in my apartment which was SUCH a treat!), being surrounded by tons of students at the Newman Center's daily masses, swapping evangelization stories with the team and hearing all of their exciting news, and to top it off, a barn dance on Friday night and a day of fun in Detroit Lakes with some of our students with nothing on the agenda, except for hanging out and the famous Zorbaz pizza of course. Much to our surprise, when we arrived at Zorbaz there just so happened to be live music for the afternoon! Bruce and Tiki D they called themselves, and boy could they entertain. It didn't take long for us to start dancing it up, seeing as almost the entire group enjoys a good swing or line dance. And let me tell you, when you're hungrily waiting for delicious pizza, dancing is one of the best ways to preoccupy yourself! It seemed like we hadn't even been waiting five minutes and our five large pizzas were up and on our tables. Yum.

We stayed and danced, even starting a conga line, well after we were finished eating and I think it was just the break everyone needed, including myself. What a great day. Here are some pictures from our first team camping trip, our trip out west last weekend and a few from DL yesterday. Let's just remind ourselves how blessed we are.

Click on the picture below to view the album. I think you have to have a google account to view the pictures. 

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