Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beatin' the Heat.

The weather in Champaign is nice and toasty warm, and after a long day of classes and MPD (Mission Partner Development) a lot of us were craving something to cool off--both our bodies and minds. On Wednesdays we have dinner with our brother and sister colleges, St. Paul and St. Agnes (we're St. Cecilia!), and tonight after dinner the men of St. Paul blessed us with one way to cool down: an invitation to a water fight.

Tommy, the dean of the guys decided to pull out his chivalry card and even ask us if we would have a water fight with them. They didn't just assume we'd want to! I was really floored by how nice they were about it; they even waited until we were all done eating AND let us go change into different clothes. What gentlemen!

The ammunition consisted of a couple dollar store water guns, some 99-cent squirt bottles, cafeteria cups, a few water balloons we had quite the adventure trying to fill up in the bubbler and Tommy had the weapon of choice: one of the room's recycling bins. We had to be creative due to a lack of a hose and weapons which could mean one thing: great bonding with all the gals 'n guys in the *mist* of a lot of fun.

This reminds me of last year when the college I was in (St. Catherine of Siena--FIYAAHHH!) decided to try to surprise the guys with a water balloon fight and we spent all afternoon taking shifts filling up tons and tons of water balloons and then hiding them in the trash cans and doing a sneak attack after they finished eating. Luckily other people are a lot nicer and more honest than I'm known to have been... :)

I love being a kid. I love water fights. I love bonding with my brothers and sisters at NST. Overall, it's been a good day.

Much love,
Kelsey Marie

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