Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You know it's week 5 of NST when...

  • You're asked, "Can you believe it's already the fifth week of training?" several times a day.
  • People start showing up right on time or even late to class... (grumble grumble). 
  • Second-years and above start doing MPD.
  • Pictures from the last month start going up on Facebook.
  • You dream that you're opening rec-night in a prayer and wake yourself up when you close the prayer with a vocal "Amen!" (So does a prayer actually count if you're asleep?....)
  • The line at Espresso Royale is much longer in the morning before class.
  • You, yourself can't actually believe it's the fifth week and begin to wonder where the heck all the time went, and wonder if you'll be back here next year.
  • There's no one at breakfast.
  • Nametags become optional.
  • This is biz-casual right? least I'm not wearing jeans.
  • You may have visited Cocomero more than once this week.
  • MPD can just wait til I get back, right?
  • "Bar culture" makes a comeback when people try to make the most of the time left they have with their friends.
  • It's easier to find a table in the cafeteria for college dinner night.
  • You see glasses on people you had no idea wore them.
  • You're coming to terms with the fact that you will leave NST not having met all the other missionaries. So. Many. First-years.
  • Cleaning up your room can "just wait until Saturday."
  • Girls decide that it's just not gonna happen this year.
  • The number of children running around has decreased drastically.
  • Girls get creative with two-day-old hair.
  • You're sick of the cafeteria food.
  • Morning holy hour is much less populated.
  • The dating fast becomes difficult for all the first-years.
  • The only way to stay awake in class is to take a nap beforehand....and after.
  • You sniff your shirts in the morning and convince yourself that, "this is probably clean."
  • Afternoon MPD time becomes the perfect time to hit up the pool at the rec center.... Mario. 
  • You're really, and I mean really tired.