Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family Vacation: Day 1

Now I'm not sure that I'll actually be updating you on the enthralling adventures that mom, dad and I undertake as we continue to travel, but it is quite comical the way we vacation. A seven-hour car ride paused with a stop for lunch at one of our favorites and the nation's finest: Chipotle. We arrived in Fargo and met up with Marissa for dinner at Doolittle's--the area's best! We came home to my new apartment and spent the next hour and a half hauling all of my stuff upstairs from the basement which Lee had so nicely packed in. I should've taken a picture! Anyway, here's a few photos from day one:
Mom and I, proudly snapping a picture with Chipotle in the background.

The "before" Bedroom 1.
Half of our living room and the kitchen in the back.
My current bedroom/living room.
Mom and dad's current bedroom, will be mine and Mikayla's.
After 8:30 mass at St's. Anne and Joachim (and some coffee) we'll have everything put away and in it's proper place! I'm hoping to take 'em for a walk later and show them the better part of Fargo this afternoon, followed by dinner at the Breen's tonight! Basically, it's a good day, and it's good to be home...kind of. And if you're wondering how cold it is way up der, when we got out of the cars we were actually cold and looked at the thermometer: 69 degrees, baby. Welcome to North Dakota.

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