Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Morning Mind

Now that seems like a pretty good book title if I've ever thought of one (which, coincidentally, I have). I have a tendency to do that often--think of titles of books I'd like to write, or that someone else should write. Maybe someday I'll actually do it. There have been a few ideas that have really stuck with me over the past few years and I just can't seem to shake 'em. Maybe that's a sign? Or maybe I just need to get over myself. Regardless, I'd need to take a grammar lesson or two and learn how to actually plan out a long-term project, make my own deadlines and stick to them. If I didn't do that for a book-writing project, shoot! I'd get nothing done.

However, this morning I have had the pleasure of experiencing more morning than usual due to the fact that I woke up (just barely) and scooted down to St. Mary's Cathedral for the 7 am Mass. Regardless of how late I stayed up, I do enjoy getting up and going to Mass in the morning, and the times that I actually do this are far and few between--usually I have the privilege of going to the Newman Center with all the students. However, a few things crossed my mind this morning and this post seems like a good outlet to share them.

Msgr. G snapped this: "For the Newsletter, gypsy!"
1. Msgr. G celebrated Mass this morning, one of my favorites. I try not to pick favorite priests because my list would be long. However, during my first year as a missionary I went on a Spring Break pilgrimage to Rome and Msgr. navigated us safely, and rapidly, through the Roman streets. It was pretty impressive that he didn't get too (visibly) sick of us because I think sometimes we got a little bit annoying. I can particularly relate to trying to lead a group of young people in a foreign country, and will have more experience soon! Anyway, in the homily he talked about  today's gospel and to think about two simple elements: water and salt. To keep ourselves in a constant conversation with the Lord throughout the day is one way to keep ourselves "salty." I particularly like the idea of salt because who doesn't like to think a relationship with God will keep them salty? I know I do.

2. I stopped at one of my favorite local establishments and got a cup of coffee after Mass to continue celebrating the pre-8 am hour. I'm not downtown very often, especially that early in the morning, so I figured why not? While there I ran into my first team director's now wife, Maria. We were equally surprised to see one another, and the first thing she asked me was, "Oh, did you have a bible study this morning or something?" I love that that's the first thing someone thinks when they see a missionary before 9 am. "It must be something getting her out of bed this early...." Ha! Nope. Just getting a good ol' cup o' Joe after spending some time with Jesus. But that's cute. And I'm honored.

The Actual Lee
3. On my way back home I saw a young man crossing the street, about 5'11, strong, blond and wearing the exact same green Columbia jacket that Lee has. My heart stopped and I got butterflies wondering what the heck he was doing in Fargo! Then I realized. That man isn't Lee, that's not Lee at all. He's an impostor! I'm not sure he was trying to deceive anyone with his appearance, however. I was just simply fooled. Lee and I have had more opportunities to Skype and talk on the phone this semester, and it's been really nice. The distance can be really difficult, but we've both grown a lot through this relationship, and I'd definitely like to share those graces with all of you. However, I think I'll write about that in a different post, heck, what else am I going to write about for the next four days?

Tonight I'm joining a group of adults at Sts. Anne and Joachim in South Fargo for a Jeff Cavins bible study called "Walking towards Eternity." I'm pretty excited to see what it's all about, and to be around other adults while not actually doing the leading. Wow, it's difficult to even wrap my mind around it. I will say that I do love leading/facilitating my Wednesday night bible study and we have grown so much closer this semester alone. Someone planted an idea in my mind (I apologize that I cannot seem to remember who, but you know who you are!) that they were going to start praying over a different person each week for the rest of the semester. I love it! What a stellar idea. Last night I decided to implement it and we all prayed over Sam for the last 15 minutes of bible study. Watching these young women unfold into the women God has created them to be is so beautiful. I can't wait to see what else is in store.

"If you are who you are meant to be, you will set the world on fire." 
- St. Catherine of Siena 

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