Thursday, February 20, 2014

The "Great White" gets a tune up.

The Great White, more affectionately known as Lady (ahem, my white Nissan Altima), has been taking such great care of me since our meeting last October, that I decided to treat her to an oil change and bath today. Well, actually, she was over 600 miles due for the oil change, and that many more for a wash, so I decided to kill both birds with one stone.

I received an offer in the mail last week (which I typically disregard) for discounts on oil changes and realized, "Hey, this actually applies!" I'm using it.

So yesterday I call up Gateway Nissan and make an appointment ASAP for Lady to get in and get an oil change. Shortly thereafter I receive a random email offering free car washes with the purchase of any oil change at, you guessed it: Gateway Nissan.

On the edge of my seat, Lady and I head down to the dealer this morning for this fun undertaking. I usually do not look forward to oil changes because of one part: the multi-point inspection. In previous experiences the inspection has come up with needs for things including but not limited to:  new air filters, brake pads, new tires (which was the really pricy one) and other expensive adjustments to the vehicle. And let's be honest, I know you're all thinking it: I'm a girl. Unless dad's there I don't actually know the varying importance of different car parts, so I need to figure this out without getting scammed.

"Come on," I usually think to myself. "Can't I just come in here and get an oil change without getting hassled to spend more money?"

Today, like any other day, I prepare my responses when presented with the multi-point inspection telling me to spend lots of extra money. It sounded like this: "No thanks. Just the oil change today."

After leaving Lady in the service garage I head to the desk of the kind sales associate to make arrangements. She asks if I want my tires rotated. "No thanks," I reply, feeling smug. I show her my coupon for $5 off the oil change, as well as the email about the free car wash, still feeling smug. She tells me they wash every car they service. "Some 'offer'," I think to myself, convinced that all car dealerships just want every dime you've got.

I sign on the dotted line, approving the day's services, then head to the waiting area. While there, I proceed to twiddle my thumbs, whistle, and stare aimlessly into space. Just kidding, I check my email and work on some things from my phone, but it's way funnier to picture the former.

After about 35 minutes the kind sales associate calls me back and we sit at her desk. I see her turn and grab the stapled sheets of paper which I know contain only one thing: the multi-point inspection results.

Remembering my firm "no" she begins to go over everything with me. "Everything looks great," she says. "Brakes, good. Tires, good. Filters, good. Everything's great! Please just sign here for the work done today, and on this sheet for the credit card."

I couldn't believe it, but I heard correctly. No hassling today, "just the oil change."

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