Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our [Awkward] First Date

Three years to the day marks my first date with the wonderful man I now call my betrothed, my fiancé, my soon-to-be partner for life. Hard to believe, right? It definitely does not feel like it's been three years. Maybe longer, maybe shorter, but definitely not three years. I mean, a LOT has passed since our awkward (in my opinion) first date at Applebee's.

Want to hear the story?

Well.... OK.

But I must warn you, it's pretty awkward. (In my opinion)

I won't tell you our whole story, because ain't nobody got time for that, but maybe that will come in a future post down the road. No one ever really knows around here.

DISCLAIMER: The awkward factor. While recently reminiscing about said first date I mentioned to Lee that it was a little awkward for me. He responded to the likes of, "Really? I didn't feel that way at all."

So there ya have it, my awkward trigger gets tripped a little easier than engineer boy's. C'est la vie. And c'est la not surprised at all.

Back to story:

My first year of missionary life with FOCUS is coming to a close (and for those of you who have heard of FOCUS, you probably already know about the first-year dating fast that all missionaries are obliged highly encouraged to take part in) and I'm staying in Fargo for an extra week just to soak it in, and move all of my stuff to our new apartment for the next year.

Lee conveniently overhears my teammates and I talking about all the time they will need to spend moving all my unnecessary crap stuff and he graciously volunteers to help me move, or gets graciously volunteered by Lucas. I forget which. Either way, he was gracious.

Lee makes a conscious effort to help me move allll the way across town (actually it was closer to 6 blocks). I'm pretty happy about this because let's be real, I know I'm gonna need as much as help as I can get because even though my team is the Packers, packing vehicles is not my forte. I soon find out that Mr. Engineer is an excellent packer and if it isn't for Lee's help, this moving fiasco would take a whole lot longer, and quite a few more trips back and forth in the Taurus.


Moment of silence for "The Taur." May she forever rest in piece... and at the hands of my cousin who now drives her. Model year 2000, completely rusted out underneath, but still toting passengers from point A to point B. What more can you really ask for? (Answer:  Lady.)


Back to story. Lee and Lucas in good, chivalrous fashion, help me move. We spend a good portion of Saturday moving and having a jolly good time. The last back-and-forth trip for the day is done, and I'm at my empty apartment by my lonesome, wondering what to do, when I notice my Bucky Badger floor mat is not at the entryway where he normally lies. I open the fridge and what do you know, there's Bucky, rolled up and on the bottom shelf. (Lucas went to the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana so we always had friendly verbal jousts about who's school is better.)

I sent a picture text to Lee of said floor mat in fridge, and though I don't have the text conversation saved, it went something like this:

Kelsey: Did you have something to do with this? (Bucky in fridge)
Lee: Lucas might have suggested that.
Kelsey: Very funny.

(break in texting)

Lee: Would you like to have dinner tomorrow night?

--Pause for Kelsey to get all sweaty and nervous and WHAT THE HECK IS HE ASKING ME ON A DATE?! I JUST SPENT ALL DAY WITH HIM.--

Kelsey: Sure, when and where?
Lee: Applebee's at 6 pm. I'll pick you up.
Kelsey: OK, that sounds good!
--Kelsey = so confused --
Kelsey: Random question, but what are you going to wear? (Dressing up = date, right?)
Lee: Probably a polo and some shorts.
Kelsey: Okay, sounds good. (Phew! Totally NOT a date.... Or wait, is it? I don't know what a polo shirt signifies!)

Awkward enough yet? It gets better.

The next day comes, Lee picks me up and we go to Applebee's. As soon as I get in the car I instantly start nervous talking to fill the silence which Lee is completely accepting of. (The whole time wondering: "Is this a date? Why didn't he just ask me when we were together yesterday? The text means it's not a date, right? Should I ask him? Does he like me? Do I like him? I think I'm going to puke!")

((Of note, at this stage of life, baby Kelsey still doesn't quite understand that some people have different temperaments, and some truly see silence as a gift to be treasured, while others see it as an obstacle to be tackled. I was very much in the camp of the latter, while Lee was and is very much on the side of the former.))

We both order and hardly eat the chicken strips basket (this detail is courtesy of Lee) and I, in all my nervousness, continue to fill every bit of silence with question after question after question. What was your family like? What kinds of things did you do when you were growing up? Tell me about your mom. TELL ME ANYTHING.

Hell hath no fury like Kelsey nervous-talking to an engineer on a maybe-but-not-really-sure-first date.

At one point I remember thinking, "Does he even want to talk to me?"

Apparently, he did.

And here we are today. Engaged to be married. Who. would've. thunk.

The only photographic evidence of Lee helping me move. Taken from an old cell phone.
He and Lucas sitting on my couch in the back of Lucas' pick-up.
Kelsey Marie


  1. LOVE! LOVE! lOVE this!!!!! And you and Lee of course!

  2. Laughing out loud here. First dates are always awkward!! Even if the guys don't know it or feel it ;) loved reading your first date story, Kelsey!

    1. Totally agree! I asked Lee what he thought of this post and he said, "well, I learned something about what was going on in your mind that day." Ohhhhh boy :)