Friday, May 15, 2015

Six Click Takes {SQT}

1) This commercial. Just, lol.

Ever since their dawning and the rise of the gecko, I've always had a thing for Geico commercials. I don't know how they continue to manage to be hilarious, but they really do! When I saw this one for the first time the other night, the suspense and build-up leading to... Dora... just cracked me right up. I lol every time.

2) Also, this commercial at 27 seconds.

Okay, so I'll admit it, this week I've been hooked on this addicting show and I've managed to see both of these commercials for the first time this week. Seriously, I think Chopped might be taking a back seat pretty soon. It's just so intense! If I were ever on that show I would literally start bawling, just like this poor girl did. And they still left empty-handed. So sad. 

3) I had a great conversation with an old friend last night regarding the direction of this here blog. I'm just so excited to dream big and continue thinking of different prospects! More on that to come...

4) My friend Claire and her soon-to-be hubby started a new blog yesterday and I just need to give it a shout-out. She's one of my favorite bloggers hands down, so you should probably give 'er a read. Plus, she's moving back to the Promised Land, we share a love of our mutual Alma Mater, and she's an incredible missionary. Sooo obviously we get along.

5) In case anybody cares, last night I got a STEAL on lettuce. You know the different kinds of lettuce: there's the normal Dole head o' greens, then you progress to the Romaine, the bagged lettuce, and then there's always that nice stuff in the plastic cartons? And it's always really overpriced? WELL last night I figured I should get some salad stuff for supper (because lunch yesterday) and they had those plastic boxes of lettuce for $1.00 each! And one of them had a $.55 coupon on it... so I literally got days worth of salad greens for $1.45. You can only imagine my excitement.

6) Tonight I am scheduled for a "professional blow out" at Ulta just down the street from work. I don't often treat myself to things like this, but I thought it might be worth a shot. From what I understand they are going to wash my hair (which in itself is worth almost any amount of money...can you say head massage?!) and then just blow dry it as normal, but teach me how to make it look like this: 

But let's all be a little more honest, I know my hair won't end up looking like that with just a blow dryer and a brush. I'm not that naive. BUT I am excited to see what I will learn! Pictures of that to come... maybe... or maybe not. Stay tuned to find out!

Have a happy Friday.


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