Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some days call for coffee.

Please tell me I'm not the only person on earth who wakes up some mornings and thinks, "I'm definitely getting to bed early tonight!" and then proceeds to make a five-second game plan of how "I'm going to come right home from work, go for a run, eat a healthy supper and then start winding down for bed at 8:00. Yep. No matter what. That's what I'll do today."


I love it when myself in her tired-stupor state thinks she understands life. Because let's be real, plans as such literally happen never. Well, maybe they did that one time. That one time in a blue freaking moon.

This is what the actual schedule for nights like this should look like:
-come home from work
-look at workout clothes, proceed to crawl under Bucky Badger blanket and take a nap.
-have a cheddar dog for supper (way better than it sounds, trust me)
-watch three episodes of Chopped (because honestly, who can watch just one?! If you've mastered this share your secret.)
-fall asleep on the couch reading
-piddle around and still get to bed past 10:30
I think the problem is more "user-based," if you catch my drift. But hey, I'm still a novice at life, remember? Also, for anyone who has children, I bet you're probably thinking, "Oh Kelsey, you have nooo idea." And you're right, I probably don't.

BUT, today I had one of those days. In fact, I have those days most Thursdays, but that's okay, because that's what coffee is for. Oh crap, the "coffee fast" that I'm attempting to clear up not clear skin... Oh well. It's not every month you get "A free coffee every day in the month of May!" from Panera Bread. This week I've been really good, I mean, coffee-free Tuesday and Wednesday is nothing to scoff at. But I think I kind of originally started with the intention of having coffee on Thursday mornings. Don't worry, I'll be back at it tomorrow with coffee-free Friday.

But why the exception for Thursdays, you ask?

Well dear reader, Thursdays are my most tired day of the week. I think for lots of reasons: 1) it's still not Friday, so it's still just a little too early to be excited for the weekend; 2) it's not the beginning or middle of the week anymore (which somehow gives me motivation to be awake, I'm not quite sure how that works); 3) I have a weekly holy hour on Wednesday nights (which I doze through at least half of...regularly); 4) it's still not Friday and 5) last night I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment and had to throw wood chips at my roommate's second-floor window to wake her up so she would come open the door for me.

Okay, so #5 isn't a regular occurrence, but the others are. And that did happen to me last night which still has me laughing today. I don't think I'd be laughing if said roommate didn't end up hearing my pleas while chucking wood chips at the window: "Peace, wake up! It's Kelsey! I locked myself out!" Thank you Jesus for encouraging her to have her window open on a 50-degree night. I took my apartment key off the key ring and stuck it in my running shorts when I actually did go for a run yesterday (note, yesterday wasn't Thursday--see schedule above), blissfully leaving the house for the evening without having returned it to its proper home. I had all my other keys, but not the one that I really needed. Peace is an early-to-bed, early-to-rise individual, so that decision was no bueno. Seriously. I mean, shacking up with Lady doesn't sound so bad, but oh wait, yeah it does. Altimas are meant for comfort driving, not comfort sleeping.

But for some happies: we've had a few fun date nights in recent weeks. Here's a fun picture from date night this week. Just chowin' on some grilled hot dogs, baked beans and potato chips in picnic-like fashion on the patio on a beautiful sun-in-your-eyes evening. Delightful.

And here's one from last week's date night:  we built a fort and spent the entire evening doing fun activities in said fort--making Mother's Day cards, eating yucky Chinese "food" and laughing. A lot. All fun things I tell you. Such a happy time. Plus, it's not every day you can get your fianc√© to pose like this:

That's all I've got for today, folks. Happy rainy Thursday.


  1. Great job, Kelsey!!! I love your life. :) I'll post a link to your blog on mine as soon as I can figure it out too.

  2. Very Kelsey ish indeed! Your dad laughed out loud!